Hi. I'm Se-Young Yun.

I'm an assistant professor of Graduate School of AI at KAIST. My research interests lie in mathematical modeling and analysis on networks at large, with a specific focus on clustering and learning problems.
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Contact me : yunseyoung at gmail or yunseyoung at kaist dot ac dot kr

Here's my history.


BS: Electrical Engineering, KAIST, 2002.3~2006.2
Ph.D: Electrical Engineering, KAIST, 2006.3~2012.2


Outstanding Reviewer Awards (NIPS 2016)
Best Paper Awards (ACM MobiHoc 2013)
Summa Cum Raude (KAIST 2006)

Work History

KAIST IE Dept. Daejeon, South Korea (2017.7 ~)
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, USA (2016.4~2017.7)
Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK (2015.6~2016.3)
MSR-INRIA Joint Research Center, Paris, France (2014.4~2015.4)
KTH, Stockholm, Sweden (2013.2~2014.3)
KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea (2012.2~2013.2)

Here's my publications.

For full pulication lists, my google scholar page and dblp page

Community Detection, Clustering

"Clustering in Block Markov Chains" with Alexandre Proutiere and Jaron Sanders, forthcoming in Annals of Statistics
"Optimal Sampling and Clustering in the Stochastic Block Model" with Alexandre Proutiere, NeurIPS2019
"Optimal Cluster Recovery in the Labeled Stochastic Block Model" with Alexandre Proutiere, NIPS2016 arXiv
"Streaming, Memory Limited Algorithms for Community Detection" with Marc Lelarge and Alexandre Proutiere, NIPS 2014
"Community Detection via Random and Adaptive Sampling" with Alexandre Proutiere, COLT 2014

Low-Rank Approximation

"Low Rank Approximation for Streaming and Distributed Data" with Jaeseong Jeong and Alexandre Proutiere (submitted)
"Fast and Memory Optimal Low-Rank Matrix Approximation" with Marc Lelarge and Alexandre Proutiere, NIPS 2015


"Convergence Rates of Gradient Descent and MM Algorithms for Bradley-Terry Models" with Milan Vojnovic and Kaifang Zhou, AISTATS2020
"Parameter Estimation for Generalized Thurstone Choice Models" with Milan Vojnovic, ICML2016

Reinforcement Learning

"Reinforcement with fading memories" with Kuang Xu, forthcoming in Mathematics of Operations Research. Preliminary version: Proceedings of ACM SIGMETRICS 2018.

Submodular Optimizatoin

"Sketching with Test Scores and Submodular Maximization" with Shreyas Sekar and Milan Vojnovic, forthcoming in Management Science arXiv

MCMC, BP, Graphical Model

"Spectral Approximate Inference" with Sejun Park, Eunho Yang, and Jinwoo Shin, ICML 2019
"Distributed Coordination Maximization over Networks: A Stochastic Approximation Approach", with Hyeryung Jang, Jinwoo Shin, and Yung Yi, MobiHoc 2016
"Distributed Medium Access over Time-varying Channels", with Jinwoo Shin and Yung Yi, IEEE/ACM ToN
"CSMA using the Bethe Approximation: Scheduling and Utility Maximization" with Jinwoo Shin and Yung Yi, IEEE ToI